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[x]Name: Caitria
[x]Age: Fifteen
[x]Birthday: September 3, 1989
[x]Location: Muskegon MI
[x]Sexual preference: straight
[x]4 favorite bands: Boys Night Out, Hawthorne Heights, From Autumn To Ashes, and The Postal Service
[x]4 least fav. bands: Greenday and thats about it I do believe.
[x]4 favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, and Singing in the Rain
[x]4 least fav. movies: I don't really not like any movies...
[x]Style preference: I don't think i have a really standard style. I can range from a really classic look to a tomboyish look.
[x]Hobbies: I love photography, drawing, writing songs and short stories, playing football, going to local shows, and playing with my friends.
[x]If you were given one wish, what would it be? Twelve more wishes.
[x]What color would you choose to wear for the rest of your life? Pink
[x]Turn ons/offs: Ons: if they can make me laugh, good dancers, good huggers, fluffy hair, hazle eyes, and nice butts lol. Offs: stupid cocky boys, swearing a lot, smoking, short hair, acne, and dirt.
[x]Something unique about you: Other than my name being unique, I have one green eye and one blue, and I call two men "Daddy" and its normal for me.
[x]Favorite foods: I like steak, GnL hotdogs, frenchfries, tacos, and raviolies.
[x]What do you consider your best feature? I think my best feature is my eyes.
[x]Pet peeves: hipocrites

[x]gay marriages: I don't think that politics should be interferring with Religious beliefs. I think that if you love someone then you should be able to engage yourselves in something sacred like marriage, wheather they are of opposite sex or not.
[x]abortion: I'm Christian so I personally think that abortion is wrong. In cases of rape, however, its not the fault of the girl that she was inpregnated. I really wouldn't want to carry around some man's baby who I didn't know and who raped me.
[x]stereotypes: Stereotypes, I do think, are something that you could spend hours talking about and never getting anywhere. They are really pointless and don't make much sense at all.
[x]this community: Obviously I have positive thoughts about this community if I'm joining. I like the banners also hah.


Thank you for your time. Have a lovely day :)
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