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You're so vain.

my bruised vanity </3
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1. This is a rating community, based particularly on looks and style; if you don't agree with how this community is run, please do not apply.
2. To be accepted, the majority of the votes must be a YES.
3. Atleast 3 pictures clearly showing your face, the rest, preferably of your body (so that we may see your clothing/style).
4. You must use an LJ cut.
5. Please, all applicants must be above 13 years of age.
6. Once accepted, be sure to post often; no nude or offensive pictures.
7. If you're not accepted, you can try again; try using different pictures or altering your application.
8. Do not vote if you haven't been accepted; we will ban you.
8. Remember, this rating community is all in good fun--respect everyone as you'd want in return.

[x]Sexual preference:
[x]4 favorite bands:
[x]4 least fav. bands:
[x]4 favorite movies:
[x]4 least fav. movies:
[x]Style preference:
[x]If you were given one wish, what would it be?
[x]What color would you choose to wear for the rest of your life?
[x]Turn ons/offs:
[x]Something unique about you:
[x]Favorite foods:
[x]What do you consider your best feature?
[x]Pet peeves:

[x]gay marriages:
[x]this community:


If you want, once you're accepted, choose one of the below to add to your own LJ:




Thank You. =]