Alliey <333 (neonduckie) wrote in mybruisedvanity,
Alliey <333

Application yo

[x]Name: Ali Williams
[x]Age: 14
[x]Birthday: 9-28
[x]Location: Leawood Kansas
[x]Sexual preference: I like boys
[x]4 favorite bands: Every Time I die, coheed and cambria, a static lullaby, poison the well
[x]4 least fav. bands: Any rap, NsYNC, Avril Lavinge, Britney Spears
[x]4 favorite movies: Donnie Darko. Thirteen. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. Mallrats
[x]4 least fav. movies: Dickie Roberts. Miracle, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 2
[x]Style preference: emo, tight clothes. glasses.
[x]Hobbies: Music. guitar. drums. shows.
[x]If you were given one wish, what would it be? To meet all my favorite bands
[x]What color would you choose to wear for the rest of your life? Tight jeans. my white studded belt. my black rim glasses. and one of my band shirts/tight
[x]Turn ons/offs: Ons-tight pants, long hair, VERY skinny..Offs= fat, very preppie
[x]Something unique about you: Im peruvian
[x]Favorite foods: pizza, pasta, chinese food
[x]What do you consider your best feature? Im hella funny
[x]Pet peeves: ANY BAD MANNERS, people letting them selves go. People staring at me or touching me

[x]gay marriages- u can marry whoever u want.
[x]abortion- let the baby live, its not ur fault u didnt use protection.
[x]stereotypes- not real
[x]this community- fun and awesome leaders
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