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Oh yeah, just to start, I've never used a lj-cut before, so I'm sorry if it didn't work:(
[x]Name: Sammy
[x]Age: 15
[x]Birthday: January 19, 1989
[x]Location: Texas
[x]Sexual preference: I <3 my guys!
[x]4 favorite bands: a static lullaby, finch, bright eyes, death cab for cutie
[x]4 least fav. bands: I'm sorry if you like them but...sum 41, jet, mest, avril(can i even call that a band?)
[x]4 favorite movies:the pebble and the penguin haha, fight club, american beauty and ummm finding nemo
[x]4 least fav. movies:legally blonde 2, ella enchanted(they ruined a perfectly good book!), hanging up, you've got mail
[x]Style preference: anything comfortable, I'm not to into the whole "Style" scene. I like some thrift stores, but I'm not like one of those people that think they're cool you know? My style varies alot and depends on my mood
[x]Hobbies: swimming, shows, skipping around, dance, swing dancing=<3
[x]If you were given one wish, what would it be? that everyone was happy or that people would always say what they mean
[x]What color would you choose to wear for the rest of your life? maybe red, maybe green, but not together
[x]Turn ons/offs: On's- guys who wear pink!, guys with longish hair, 40's style clothing on girls and guys Off's- people who are really full of themselves
[x]Something unique about you: I'm super dooper flexible? haha i don't know...
[x]Favorite foods: ITALIAN, mint chocolate chip ice cream
[x]What do you consider your best feature? my eyes, or my body
[x]Pet peeves: People who are "fake"

[x]gay marriages: Well, I don't really have an opinion on this. It doesn't really bother or effect me so I don't mind
[x]abortion: I don't think its right. you should probably just put the baby up for adoption if you don't want it. I mean, it shouldn't be you're decision to kill someone who never even had a chance
[x]stereotypes: i hate them because you end up judging people you haven't even met, and that's just dumb
[x]this community: It looks pretty new and everyone seems really nice so pick me because i love you mwahhh<3

[x]Pictures: I'm really sorry, my digital sucks!

My cool shirt. dinosaurs are pimp...
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